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The stock market acts like an auction where investors buy and sell shares of shares; These are a small piece of ownership of a public corporation. Stock prices usually reflect investors' opinion about what the company's earnings will be. ... buyers try to get the lowest price so that they can sell it for profit letter.

Many people talk about investing in the stock market to create wealth or financial freedom, but what is the stock market and how it works. The stock market is a global network of exchange where massive money moves on a daily basis. The stock market does not trade. The goods or services they trade in securities are rights to financial assets such as a company. A share of a business is a share of a share in a company when a person buys a part of the company they are buying a small ownership of in the company,

but why are the shares traded after the founders of the big business Requires resources, which makes the company think that the pie is divided into pie. Pie is divided into these small pieces of pie. Company shares to sell their shares to generally raise capital to enhance and expand their businesses. Through an initial public offering or IPO it is when a company starts selling a portion of its shares to public investors, in other words the company goes public and anyone can buy parts for the company and the public.

To facilitate the trading of securities, a company needs a market place to carry out its transactions. This is where the shares The market comes into play. There are many stock exchanges around the world where stocks are traded. We have the New York Stock Exchange on the Nasdaq in New York City and a few others in Canada that have the TSX  NSE in India and the jpx in Japan to create a global exchange system where all shares can be traded, just to name a few. Is worldwide it allows companies to raise funds to continue the growth and expansion of their companies. In an initial public offering that sold $ 421 million worth of shares at $ 38, it shared more than $ 16 billion from investors from Facebook, which usually reflects the values ​​a company is doing in business as the company Rosen in value. Expands so slice the pie apart.

This is great for investors because it means that as the company grows in value, so their value Investment happens but some times the pie gets so big that individual slices also get bigger and more expensive. This is when stock splits happen, for example, if you went public in the 1980s after Apple's 10 shares Had bought, now they will have 560 shares without any further investment when the company becomes very large and their individual shares become very expensive for the average investor. Sector suppose to buy that you have made public with 100 shares of your company. Offering but now your company has grown significantly and your shares are now worth $ 500. Every average investor is no longer able to buy your stock, so to ensure that your shares are easy for the public to buy, So that you can buy a split for two which means that each share is now divided into two shares instead of having 100 shares in your company, your company now has 200total shares. There are also shares of yearers, which means that you have split the value of your original shares by two $ 500 shares one by one.

The split is now two shares that are valued at $ 250 and this allows more investors to share your stock. Encourages you to continue investing in your company. It also means investors who initially buy 10 shares of your company. Now their own investment is valued at 20stocks. For example Apple made its initial public offering on December 12, 1980, selling its shares at $ 22 per share. Apple made their first two-to-one split in 1987. Did when the stock hit $ 79 per share. The share price of $ 39.50 per share means that if you bought 10 shares just after the IPO, you will now own 20 shares of Apple, their second two-to-one split was in the year 2000 when the share was $ 111.

 Was trading at per dollar. This means that your original 10 shr is now 40 shares worth fifty-fifty dollars each and Apple had a third two-to-one split in 2005. The stock traded at $ 90 per share and fell below the share price by $ 45 per share meaning your 10 shares are now 80shares at $ 45 each and were recently split 7 to 1 in 2014Apple when they The stock had hit $ 656 per share and your original 10 shares had grown to 560 shares valued at $ 93 and 71 cents each as of February 2020 stock. The value of three hundred twenty-seven dollars per share is the value of your initial ten shares that you bought for two hundred and twenty dollars for one hundred and eighty three thousand one hundred and twenty dollars, which means that if Apple has not divided its stock Today each original part sold in twenty-two dollars in 1980

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