Top 5 golden rules to know before investing in stock markets For every one
Stock Market 

Top 5 golden rules to know before investing in stock markets For every one English  

Stock Market Investment is easy and challenging. Stock Market Investment is a runaway If you know the rules of the game. Investors can make money In Stock Market. In this Stock Market Investors learn from their mistakes and graduate to the smart investor. and important  part is patience don't be panic and learn every think about share market at daily basis ,,, now a days we can easily learn share market from you tube and reading the blog . when you expert you can do the full time . start intraday trading but after learn much more knowledge before investing in stock markets . 

1. Think Long Term before investing in stock market . 

When you are investing in the stock market, you cannot have a short-term goal for investment. People can make huge amounts of money, but they take a risk in the short term. The risk will be very high If you are looking for amazing returns in the short term. If you don't want your money to be gone then you need to have earned a decent amount of returns on it. In a long-term goal, stock markets earn better than any other instrument if you take a time of 10 years or more just like LIC . my point of view Now a days every one have 1 or 2 LIC for investing . but not received good return from LIC ,,, but supposed we take long time in share market like LIC  then we all are received good return better than LIC . learn the basis subject for long terms before investing in stock markets 

2. Never Invest in A Single Stock .

The factor of fear and greed plays a very important role in this rule. To avoid any future setbacks, you should reduce your risk when you do not invest in a single stock. The security controversy for this style of stock market investment is preferable to investing in mutual funds. Stock selection is the key factor in the stock market that decides the return of your portfolio. At least you have a minimum of 10 to 15 stocks.

3. Never invest something that you don't understand

If you lose money on something and cannot explain why then you will be angry with yourself. Always do your own research and stick to what you know. So, understand, invest in business. Never invest in shares. Instead invest in a business. And never invest in something that you do not understand. Before you investing in stock market you try to know about company profile , director , Profit & Loss . Can he listed In NSE & BSE ... 

4. Choose the right stocks to invest in stock market 

In the stock market, this rule is the key to success. Selecting shares for investment means picking the right stock. In the stock market in the future, it is most likely to pick the right stock. There are different types of stocks and this reflects a different price movement. As an investor, you have to decide which type of stock you are going to invest in.

Fear, greed, and inability to control investor sentiment have caused many investors to lose money in the stock market.

In a bull market, it is difficult to resist quick money. When investors hear stories of great returns in the stock market in a short time. It takes them to take risks. They actually buy shares of unknown companies without realizing the risk.

In a bear market, investors get scared and sell their shares at low prices. Therefore, when investing in the stock market, fear and greed are the worst feelings to feel. Check The Last 5 years Chart And 52 weeks High / Low and can this company have a future you also know before investing in stock markets  . 

5. Buy low and sell high

Sudden news results in market sentiment and stock sales never flowed. In fact, at the time when everyone is selling you, you should buy. This is the time when you should have cash. Every fall should be a shopping opportunity for you. It is a difficult thing, but once you achieve it, you will earn a huge amount of money in the market. In this way you reduce your costs and get a huge percentage as the market grows. Then you can sell at higher prices and you will have cash when the market is in a slump because your money will be locked in stocks. 


Investing in the stock market can be a great way to increase your savings over time. While no investment is without risk, the stock market gives respectable returns over the long term. Whether you are saving for retirement, want to increase your savings, or simply want to know more about the stock market, investing your money is not a scary process. With some simple strategies, you can invest in a financially responsible way that will give you profit over time.
When you investing regular in stock market in perfect stock you can easily  millionaire . and day to day learn to every social platform and analyse after that  investing in stock markets . 

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